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It takes EVERYONE....

My mind keeps running back on the song by Nappy Meyers, "Old Time Days", and what comes to mind whenever I play those words over and over in my head is that old African proverb we use in Trinidad: "It takes a village to raise a child."

I did not have the privilege of witnessing those days, and I use the term "privilege" because when I speak to the generation of those times, it is always an honour to listen and take heed to their words of wisdom.

Today, we scarcely see a young man or woman being corrected by those who are neither parents, guardians, teachers nor some other family member. Why? Because the "village" is no longer allowed to do that in most instances.

I have always desired to open my own school, having that inner desire to help mould and guide young children in a path that will help them become the best version of themselves: strong, confident, empathic, wise, respectful, having amazing social skills, being able to work by themselves as well as in teams, and most of all, trying their best at all times - never giving up!

But I can't do that alone and that's where the "village" comes into play. I need that "village", parents need that "village", our country needs that "village" but most importantly, OUR CHILDREN need that "village".

That "village" refers to what they call "stakeholders". In this case, the stakeholders are parents, principals, teachers, auxiliary staff, community members and any other person involved in a child's education. I use the term "education" loosely as I am not only referring to academic pursuits but also their holistic development.

All these people who I listed are so important in a child's development. All these people, when UNITED, become the BACKBONE of every single child in our country. To all these people, if WE do our jobs to the best of our abilities, putting our CHILDREN FIRST, I guarantee you that we will have better tomorrows... I guarantee you, there will be positive change in this country... I guarantee you that THEY WILL SUCCEED!!!

Excellence in Education - That's what we, at Nova Satus Private School, stand for...

God bless you!

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