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Happy Kids with Books

What better way to kick start the school week than by spending time with God. As a Christian institution, we believe that anything is possible if we put God first. As a result, every Monday morning, we gather, as a school family, to have fun learning the Bible and thus sound daily principles for living in our ever changing times. 

Some of our Chapel activities include:




Friendly Competitions

Table Setting


To develop good social skills, we encourage our children to become ladies and gentlemen, in the full essence of the words, by teaching them social and eating etiquette, among others.

Visual and Performing Arts


We believe every child possesses amazing hidden talents that they can use to become extraordinary citizens of the world.  To help bring these talents to life, we immerse them in various activities such as art, craft, music, drama and choral speaking, to name a few.

Image by Tim Arterbury


A very important aspect of children's lives is their physical well-being. We engage our children in various sporting activities which include but are not limited to cricket, football, tennis and badminton.

Image by Mockaroon
Chalkboard with Different Languages
Foreign Languages

Living in a Multi-cultural society is wonderfully  inevitable. For this reason, to ensure our children are equipped with the ability to positively interact with all members of society, we have incorporated two foreign languages into our curriculum: Spanish and French.

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