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You don't need to send your child to preschool...

It's not necessary to send your child to preschool, BUT, it will help the transition to primary school be much smoother! We all know that preschool is a place where children learn to say their ABC's, count their 123's and even start reading those beloved story books, all of which helps each little one to cope better ACADEMICALLY in primary school. However, what about the other aspects of their lives? Did you know that preschool plays a major role in the development of their social skills (how they interact with others), not forgetting the development of their physical, intellectual and emotional development?

Keeping these in mind, Nova Satus Private School aims to positively guide our children in the direction where positive growth is established. We understand that a solid foundation is essential to developing a spirit of excellence in the hearts, minds and spirits of our children. Our desire is to bring about change in our country and our world, in extension, and what better way to do this than by ensuring that our future leaders become confident, selfless, empathic, independent (and dependent when necessary) among many other traits of great leaders. Join us, as we work, hand in hand, to bring the best out of our children!!!!

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